Hope For Harlow
Stay Rad Have Hope


We Spread Kindness Round Here Like Confetti

How We Began..

Harlow's Shop was opened shortly after Harlow was born finding out her diagnosis wasn't what we expected (to find out about harlow diagnosis click the link on the menu tab "harlow Journey"). We knew this was going to be a long journey ahead of us. Unable to go back to work I decided I would have to still help and contribute this was the perfect option but it needed to be just right. After many nights of blood, sweat, tears and countless youtube videos, Hope for Harlow grew and grew adding new things as we went. Until we started being published in online magazines, what a blessing that was to help get Harlow's shop out there. There were a lot of ups and downs  last year and multiple hospital stays, but still we continued to grow and get support for so many amazing people .. So now we are here 2 years in and our dream of harlow having her very own line describing her life through clothing is here! Having continued love and support we are SO blessed to have this opportunity to be able to support Harlow. Its because of you all we are where we are. We have not only been able to keep up with all of Harlow's therapy and doctors appointments but we are able to do "pay it forwards" to help others in need. This journey we are on with harlow has been a devastatingly beautiful, an heart wrenching in good AND bad ways.. Were only just beginning but having this wonderful shop keeps me going among watching harlow kick booty in all aspects of her life. Your support means the world to me.




Our Style & Fit 

The Style of Harlow's line is based around our little family. Between little "Bittles" sassy butt, to Enzo and his big ears, to bobby and his sancho mustache and motorcycle Then me just trying to be a good mama running off coffee and prayers.  Mine and bobby style is obviously more edgy  but i still love my vintage boho shabby tees so trying to combine the two was a bit tricky but i finally have came up with shirts i feel fit the perfect mold for describing us. "Stay Rad" the story behind it .. very simple its to stay you. Stay beautiful, Stay confident, Stay strong...i could keep going. We all know you can't get through life with out Hope so mix them together and Tada Harlow's line was born. I'm all about comfort... baggy tees and a pair of leggings are my jam, But sometimes i want to feel like i actually got ready so i upgraded our wholesale company and found shirts that do both! Cute an comfy. Guys i didn't forget about you the mens tees are soft and better Quilty and can be washed more then one time with out shrinking and going in the rag bin (ladies am i right), And the whole reason most of us are here our kiddos! The sizing on the kids tees and onesies are a much better fit all around and much softer! 

100% Handmade

Jack of all trades here. Everything is made by me, per order. I believe in making everything with love and patience and each order to be special. I try to make it a personal experience and to be able to thank each of of you for supporting us.