We are here to spread love and awareness and to teach that being special needs is nothing to be sorry about



So  Harlow had 2 different therapy appointments this week one with her usual therapist and one with one Kaiser set up for us both went well the Kaiser one told us that she isn't behind and she's borderline which is great the other one told us there is no reason she shouldn't walk because she's showing great signs and the way her legs work which is even bigger news! The people from blind services came as well (we had a Busy week ) they will be coming once a month to work with her as well and the brail institute will be coming the beginning of next month to work with her as well so we are using anything we can to help this little girl.

Her infant spazzums are still here and still being a pain in the ass some days she has like 3 and not to bad of ones other days there's like 6 and they are pretty rough on her so we just keep praying and working with her hopefully they will pass she hasn't smiled since that one day which is frustrating me but I get it she doesn't know what she's smiling at so it's confusing to her. She has developed a new hatered for the car that's been super fun for me ... not.. ugh come on kid all your appointments are in orange work with me!!!

As for me and Bobby just working our butts off him literally he's been putting in 14 hour days and I feel so bad when he gets home he looks like a walking zombie but I appreshate it so much that he's doing this so that I am able to stay with her not that we have a choice but you know what I mean.  As for hope for Harlows shop it's doing great thanks to all of her awesome supporters thank you all so much!

I have my good days and my bad but I have to stay as positive as possible falling apart does no good for Harlow but I'm not gunna lie it happens a lot I just try to keep it to my self super healthy I know lol but it's almost like I gotta get it out and keep going no point in bringing everyone else down round me.

If you follow my ig you got to see this wiggle worm moving across the floor getting ready to learn how to crawl ugh I love her strength so much 3 months and has no intentions of giving up my little fighter

Well short one tonight we are all beat!

Ni night all! 🖤