We are here to spread love and awareness and to teach that being special needs is nothing to be sorry about


Today was her appointment with the pediatrician and WE LOVED HER! Seriously having a good team behind us is what we need more then anything I have been praying for good Drs in her life since the ones in the beginning weren't so great. Feel like everyone is finally on harlows side no ones looking at her like she's just a number or a pay check . Were still waiting to hear from the inland regional center which is HUGE for us its all the therapy mental and physical kaiser offers a little bit but nothing compared to IRC so I called 2 days ago to see whats going on and they submitted her paperwork so hopefully they will be getting to us soon because the sooner the better she may be a newborn but her brain is absorbing everything right now so we want to get started asap!

Its frustrating being her advocates at times because theres only so much you can actually push I cant sleep outside the doors waiting for them to answer us. If god has taught us anything in all of this it is patience which is something that A. I don't have and B. never have had and C. don't think ill ever be able to learn the amount I actually need granted when I was 16 vs now its a hell of a lot better but waiting is not my strong suit...

So back to her appointment, She is 7 pounds 14 oz ( she was 7 pounds 9 oz when she was born) as most people know baby's loose some weight after they are born the Nicu swore she couldn't keep her weight cus she got down to 7 pounds 4 oz... I'm rolling my eyes just thinking about how they tried to blame it on her feeding out of a bottle gosh they really did not want her to learn how to eat. But Today she said she's "perfect" now of course everyone wants to hear that about their kid but it means sooooo much to me when I hear that she's progressing as a normal new born I'm scared for the day she slows down and starts to fall behind but I'm remaining optimistic and praying that that doesn't ever happen.

Lastly she had us change her formula and out her on some prune juice and gave her a suppository still no poop tho lol I think I cleared her out yesterday when I gave her one. Ohhhh gotta love wishing for poop... Lastly she said she's eating so well we don't have to wake her up in the middle of the night to feed her YAY HARLOW me and your dad don't mind it but hell who wants to wake up in the middle of the night? Ive been running off coffee an more coffee so its nice to drop it down from a venti to a grande lol.

Did anyone have back pain after labor like 3 weeks later I've been having horrible back pains I dunno if its left overs from the epidural or if its the stress it being to tense.

Well thats all for tonight <3