We are here to spread love and awareness and to teach that being special needs is nothing to be sorry about



Hey guys !

So harlow is on her new formula and so far so good she still has her fussy moments but it's not a all day all nights deal as of right now thank god so hopefully that keeps up and soon will be all better and she won't need surgery as for us we decided to take the plunge and get a apartment last year we were planing to buy a house and saved and saved but when we found out I can't go back to work that plan got epically thrown out the window but we knew we still needed to start a new chapter and be on our own in order to heal and move forward so we got a one bed room cus it's what we can afford yet another thing that has been robbed from us but we make the best of every situation so harlow still has her room at my moms and all her cute decorations bobby has about a foot of closet space between me and harlow lol the sacrifices you have to make 😂 but we will make it work my amazing husband made me a little work area instead of having a kitchen table  but again we make things work and we both will work hard to continue to better Harlows life ..  going with the flow has never been something easy for ether of us so it's been a rude awakening but I kinda like it I never realized how much I attempted to control my life when let's face it we don't ever really have control lol if you know me personally you know I loath change I have a very hard time facing it so this move was extremely hard on me besides leaving my mom ever since my dad died I worry about my mom as if she hasn't made it this far in life already lol well that's where we are at starting a new chapter and closing the last one to never EVER be opened again which yes that means I've had to accept I'll never be pregnant again unless by the luck of god they figure out what happened to harlow which let's face it they won't it's like finding a needle in a haystack lol but I'm ok with that because I know we will adopt and moving forward is the next step so as for now we're happy we have our moments still but things are starting to look up and now that I have said that I need to knock on wood lol thanks for all your continued prayers and support ❤️