We are here to spread love and awareness and to teach that being special needs is nothing to be sorry about


It is 1 am why am I awake? Because Enzo is having a bad dream and practically scared the living crap out of me by howling in his sleep.. so now I’m wide awake while harlow snores so cute and quiet next to me. Bobbys out of town so it’s a nice big bed for us to take over. I’m currently stressing on my damn lips they are killing me whyyyy didn’t I use sun screen on them?? Like what was I thinking or not thinking I should say now I pay the price of blistered cut and dry lippers plus I fell off a horse so I’m still recovering from the soreness of that hot mess haha it wasn’t as bad as it sounds my hours and my gfs horse didn’t get along one thing lead to another and they got in a tiff I heard on till kk was about a foot from the ground dropped and rolled I was not about to get stepped on butbon the way down my leg got caught on somthing and here we are today lol Cabo was a fun trip to def needed. I forever how hectic my life is until I’m forced to slow down but in all honesty I loveeee my life with harlow and I suppose bobby lol jk but her life is so interesting everyday is different so it’s exciting to be a part of it and getting to work from home just all of it is so exciting to see. Lately she’s been hitting a couple large milestones for her sitting up by her self head control almost laughing the crawling position I’ve already accepted her for who she is so this is all a bonus. The part that’s been a little hard for me is her growing once I get used to her one way it changes and I’m sure everyone goes thru this Special needs or not but I guess in my head I always convinced myself she would be small enough to always carry, not so much anymore . She’s just getting larger and more awakard to carry cus she dosnt bend and move like most babes so that’s my most recent adjustment I’m working on is to accept her this size lol Special or not no mama wants their baby to grow up lol we decided we will be adding a pool to our house. Above ground one but Bobbys going to build a deck and all that simply because (besides from our own benefit lol) water therapy is a huge thing and I think it will really help harlow she’s grown to like water so let’s keep it going. As for hope for harlows line I launched it today and it is doing great I can’t believe how much love we get it really changes the way I look at humanity in somthing so small people come together and all love this little girl and pray for her  like how lucky are we to have this opportunity?? Beyond amazing well I’m gunna try and get some more sleep night guys!