We are here to spread love and awareness and to teach that being special needs is nothing to be sorry about


This photo to everyone is just a entry way but to me it's the path I walked for 9 months every week sometimes twice a week it's the path I walked thinking when I was pregnant how crazy it will be to walk this path with a baby seeing other moms with strollers I walked this path to my first high risk drs appointment and that is when the path no longer was welcoming I started walking this path once a week in fear every time I walked it telling my self I need to breathe I need to stay calm take care of yourself for harlow. This path I swear got longer and longer every time I walked it at the end of this path is where I broke down after harlow was born when they told me all the horrible news about her my legs still numb from the epidural, this path will forever haunt me it gives me chills just walking it having to go get harlow meds because her normal pharmacy is closed running this quick simple errand has so much more attached to it I hate everything about this hospital except her nurse that believed in her and her high risk dr who got me thru it other then that if I never saw this place again I would be grateful this place is my own personal hell...