Hope For Harlow

We Spread Kindness Round Here Like Confetti

We Spread Kindness Round Here Like Confetti

How We Began..

Harlow's Shop was opened shortly after Harlow was born finding out her diagnosis wasn't what we expected. We knew this was going to be a long journey ahead of us. With original shirts being made with fabric paint saying Hope for Harlow with stencils to raise money to help pay Harlow's medical bills. It then grew to sewing Car Seat Covers, Bibs and Burp Rags. With each sale the money went to Harlow and the extra went to saving for equipment to grow her shop. Unable to go back to work I decided I would have to still help and contribute this was the perfect option but it needed to be just right. After many nights of blood, sweat, tears and countless youtube videos Hope for Harlow grew and grew adding new things as we went. Until we started being published in online magazines, what a blessing that was to help get Harlow's shop out there. There were a lot of ups and downs over this year and multiple hospital stays, but still we continued to grow and get support for so many amazing people .. So now we are here one year in and a relaunch of all new products and continued love and support we are SO blessed to have this opportunity to be able to support Harlow. Its because of you all we are where we are. We have not only been able to keep up with all of Harlow's therapy and doctors appointments but we are able to do "pay it forwards" to help others in need. I Cant wait to see where this next year takes us thank you all for your love and support!



Our Style & Fit 

The Style of Harlow's line is based around our little family. The perfect word to describe it would be "different" because we are! Being different isn't a bad thing! We hope to share that message through our clothing with witty, clever, loving sayings, and bright colors to cheer anyone up! I truly believe leggings are pants , as most mamas know there is very little time to get ready so leggings and a loose shirt it is, tie a flannel around your waste throw on some shoes and out the door you go as your kids look like they walked off a gap commercial . Offering fitted shirts also, most of our shoppers go for the loose fitting shirts and sweatshirts I mean who doesn't want to be comfy.. always?

100% Handmade

Jack of all trades here. Everything is made by me, per order. I believe in making everything with love and patience and each order to be special. I try to make it a personal experience and to be able to thank each of of you for supporting us.